CA Site Minder IDP : Shibboleth SP

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Tue Apr 8 20:55:08 EDT 2014

Thanks Scott. 

A caveat...when I said the template I have put below is using for other IDPs...for all those IDPs I have relayState set to ss:mem. With CA SiteMinder since the ss:mem did not work I tried cookie.

When you say to check the relay handling, is there any easy way to do this within shibboleth configuration and logs or do I capture packets using say tcpsump?


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On 4/8/14, 8:24 PM, "Bhattacharjee, Raja" <Raja.Bhattacharjee at>

>Instead of redirecting to
><> it is doing the following
>2014-04-08 23:47:11 DEBUG Shibboleth.SSO.SAML2 [3]: ACS returning via 
>redirect to:
>I have tried ss:mem as relayState with the same end result. The above 
>application override template is working for all other IDP providers 
>that we federate with.

Assuming that's true, I guess I'd verify the relay state handling that's going on and see if you're getting back what you're sending.

-- Scott

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