ADFS Shibboleth question

David Gersic dgersic at
Thu Apr 3 17:18:48 EDT 2014

>>> On 4/3/2014 at 03:25 PM, Eric Goodman <Eric.Goodman at> wrote: 
>> >The puzzle here is after user login against ADFS, then access Shib-CAS
>> >protected resources, how Shib can intercept the SAML assertion issued
>> >by ADFS
>> It can't. You're being asked for the impossible, and your diagram will have 
> to
>> change or the requirements will.
> Apologies for the spam-y response, but it's such a good and timely analogy:
> 	("The Expert", short comedy sketch)
> "We'd like you to draw 7 perpendicular green lines."

That will require a 7 dimensional white board, which, if you've had a sufficient math education, is at least a theoretical concept. With sufficient velocity, from the right point of view, you could have used green markers to draw what would appear to be red lines, due to the colour shift as the 7-dimensional white board approaches the speed of light.

So (turn to Product Manager), product requirements include a 7-dimensional white board, a box of green markers, an energy source sufficient to accelerate the white board to near the speed of light, and a very high speed camera. You'll need a purchasing expert to acquire those, then I'll be able to meet your design requirements.

Sometimes it's better to shift the problem to somebody else than to try to actually solve it. ;-)

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