entity id in browser result in metadata

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No, the entityID is just a "lookup key" to find the right metadata amongst all the metadata you have. The IdP's metadata endpoint (which you really shouldn't be using for dynamic access to metadata) is exactly what you listed: 


where "hostname" is the IdP's host/service name: 


I just tried it, and got the metadata. But note that metadata gets generated when you install the IdP, and not necessarily updated with changes. So you're better off getting your published metadata from the InCommon feed.

On Apr 3, 2014, at 3:15 PM, Qian, Yi wrote:

> So https://hostname/idp/shibboleth will result in metadata?
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>> Hello, 
>> OK, I can't find it, but according the shib document I printed out, to get idp metadata, I need to use https://hostname/idp/profile/Metadata/SAML, but I just realized if I entered my idp entity id in browser it will spit out our idp metadata, if my memory still working, I remember before I upgrade to 2.4, when I enter the entity id in browser I would get 404, could somebody explain it is because of the upgrade? Because my memory is wrong? Because my configuration is flawed?
> The entityID is not a URL. The default value used by Shib during installation looks very similar to one just to ensure uniqueness of the ID.
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