ADFS Shibboleth question

David Gersic dgersic at
Thu Apr 3 10:58:23 EDT 2014

>>> On 4/3/2014 at 09:51 AM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at> wrote: 
> On 4/3/14, 10:48 AM, "David Gersic" <dgersic at> wrote:
>>I thought I recently read that Microsoft was supporting SAML / Shibboleth
>>for O365. Maybe you can just do this and be done with it, without needing
>>ADFS at all?
> Yes, seemingly, but from the other response, it sounds like rational
> technically-based decision making isn't the modus operandi the OP is
> dealing with.

Yeah, I see that. Ugh.

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