XMLSecurity exception

Dewberry, James JDewberry at nfp.com
Tue Apr 1 14:37:12 EDT 2014

Thanks Scott. I didn*t copy the keys over from the older server, and that
was the missing link. Great! Thanks!


On 3/31/14, 3:42 PM, "Cantor, Scott" <cantor.2 at osu.edu> wrote:

>On 3/31/14, 2:51 PM, "Dewberry, James" <JDewberry at nfp.com> wrote:
>>But that did not fix the problem. We are now getting this error:
>>2014-03-31 13:28:18 WARN XMLTooling.Decrypter [33]: XMLSecurity exception
>>while decrypting key: OpenSSL:RSA privateKeyDecrypt - Error Decrypting
>>PKCS1_5 padded RSA encrypt
>As long as it's not mentioning the algorithm being blacklisted anymore, I
>would assume your change took effect, so that means they're encrypting
>with the wrong key.
>>I易m 99% sure their assertions have not changed. Only the SP version has
>Well, I can't prove you wrong, all I can say is that the error means your
>key changed or they had the wrong to start with, presumably the latter.
>If you built a new server with a new SP, that's going to generate a new
>key, and you obviously need to copy over the old keypair or this is
>exactly what you'd get.
>>1. What does that error message mean?
>>2. Is there anything I can do to configure Shibboleth here?
>Not that I know of
>If you want to create a dummy key for them to encrypt with and provide a
>sample that won't decrypt and provide the private key in a bug report, it
>can certainly be looked at.
>>3. We might need to revert back to 2.4.3 temporarily. I saw where I can
>>get the Shibboleth archive, but it doesn易t have the archived
>>dependencies. We moved to a new server, but the old server has been
>>preserved. Is there a folder on the old server that would
>> have correct dependency versions that we could copy?
>I don't know which dependencies you mean, but everything has been archived
>that I'm aware of, including RPM packages and the Windows installers. The
>Mac port might be a problem I guess.
>-- Scott
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