Shibolleth IDP with Duo Security and google apps

Kobi Seviliya kobi at
Tue Oct 8 06:49:33 EDT 2013

Thanks everyone for all your help with this !
i finally got this resolved with help from firebug :) , just a bad location
for the JS script ..

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 6:11 PM, Kevin P. Foote <kpfoote at> wrote:

> On Mon, 7 Oct 2013, Cantor, Scott wrote:
> > On 10/7/13 10:37 AM, "Kobi Seviliya" <kobi at> wrote:
> >
> >> I thought it was related to that, but still cant find the problem .
> >> im using Jetty , so i copied the Duo.jsp & Duo-Web-v1.bundled.js under
> >> the webapps Dir and edited the web.xml in the WEB-INF Dir according to
> >> the instructions ...
> >
> > Unless it works very differently than every other login handler, you need
> > to maintain all that material inside the IdP source tree, not in a
> > separate web app.
> >
> > You should under no circumstances use an unpacked warfile or manipulate
> > anything in an expanded tree. That will lead to nothing but confusion.
> Yea what he said :-)
> All your user facing stuff jsp, pages, etc.. needs to be in place at the
> install location prior to running the script to install the
> IdP.. this includes web.xml mods as well.
> ------
> thanks
>   kevin.foote
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