Novell Netiq - Anyone have any experience with this IDP?

David Gersic dgersic at
Wed Oct 2 14:23:29 EDT 2013

>>> On 10/2/2013 at 11:18 AM, Mike Flynn <shibbolethlynda at> wrote: 
> Thank you, David.  We connect and everything passes fine except for the 
> entitlement - That passes to us as well.  The issue is how the value for 
> entitlement is set on the IDP.  That's what we need to pin down :)

Can you re-phrase this as a question?

Not clear to me:

1. Are you running the SP or the IdP?
2. Is the SP Shibboleth or NAM?
3. Is the IdP Shibboleth or NAM?
4. What sort of entitlement are you trying to pass? How?

Additionally, what versions (Shib, NAM) are being used here?

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