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Raadush raadush at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 07:15:56 EST 2013

Hi, I have one question to which I haven't found solution anywhere.

I have class com.auth.test.ExternalAuthServlet used to authenticate users.
This class is registered inside web.xml like this (standard method):

<!-- Test servlet -->


Problem is, that inside this method I want to call web service (wsdl) and I
dont know how to do it. Inside package com.auth.test I have many more java
files generated by wsimport -p client -keep http://wsdllocation used to
communicate with web service. For example I want to call this function:

public VerifyOTPResponse verifyOTP(VerifyOTPRequest request) throws
VerifyOTPFaultMsg {
    //next line causes crash
    OtpPortTypeService service = new OtpPortTypeService();
    OtpPortType port = service.getOtpPortType();
    VerifyOTPResponse response = port.verifyOTP(request);
    return response;

All objects are defined outside of ExternalAuthServlet.class (in
VerifyOTPResponse.class, OtpPortTypeService.class, ... in the same package
as ExternalAuthServlet). When I call this function on my local machine,
everything works fine. But when I move jar with all these classes to
shibboleth/lib, execution crashes on specified line. I realized problem
might be that shibboleth can see only ExternalAuthServlet.class and not the
others so he can't instantiate OtpPortTypeService. So my question is, how
to make shibboleth to see other classes inside com.auth.test as well? Or is
there something Im missing here?

Thanks a lot, Radek.
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