IDP : Dynamically choose ldap instance from principal

Tom Zeller tzeller at
Tue Nov 5 17:18:07 EST 2013

> I have got several ldap instance, which contains each a subset of
> users. I would like to configure an IDP to get all attributes from an
> user.
> Is it possible to change DataConnector to do something like this?

To get attributes for *every* user from multiple ldap instances, you
could add one data connector per ldap instance to
attribute-resolver.xml :

 <resolver:DataConnector id="LDAP1" ldapURL="ldap://" ...
 <resolver:DataConnector id="LDAP2" ldapURL="ldap://" ...

for attributes which exist on more than one ldap instance :

<resolver:AttributeDefinition id="affiliation" ...
 <resolver:Dependency ref="LDAP1" />
 <resolver:Dependency ref="LDAP2" />

If I understand correctly.

Obviously, this would result in more ldap searches, unnecessarily, but
I would think that would be okay.

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