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Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri May 3 04:51:48 EDT 2013

* TchouK <royer.matthieu at> [2013-05-03 10:24]:
> /2013-05-03 08:22:20 ERROR XMLTooling.ParserPool : error on line 87, column
> 27, message: element 'RelyingParty' is not allowed for content model
> '((Sessions,Errors,RelyingParty,Notify,Audience,MetadataProvider,TrustEngine,AttributeExtractor,AttributeResolver,AttributeFilter,CredentialResolver),ApplicationOverride)'

That does not look like a current (i.e., supported) version of the
software. Which one is it? `shibd -v` will tell you.

Look at /etc/shibboleth/example-shibboleth2.xml, it even has an
example RelyingParty element in it (though commented out).
Try moving your RelyingParty right after the existing Errors element.

According to the schema (and later error messages from shibd) you
should be able to have your RelyingParty element almost anywhere as a
child element of the ApplicationDefaults element, as long as it occurs
after Sessions and Errors element.

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