AssertionConsumerServiceURL with explicit port number

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Wed May 1 22:30:26 EDT 2013

Thanks Scott! You just pointed me in the right direction. I had been looking at Apache and load balancer setup. But the problem was caused by one of the redirection pages that includes the port number.  Thanks so much!


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On 5/1/13 9:48 PM, "Wei Dai" <Wei.Dai at> wrote:

>Thanks for your quick response Scott. I will check further at the 
>Apache and load balancer configuration. The reason I thought we could 
>configure SP to get around the issue is because both the SP metadata 
>file and the AuthnRequest are generated by the SP, but for some reason 
>one includes the port number and the other doesn't. Also, we are not 
>offloading SSL for now and may do it later.

Then I don't know what you're virtualizing here, but I don't know any way for that to happen unless there's something different about the way you're accessing the server in those two cases.

Since the port is involved, you must be virtualizing the port and not doing so properly somewhere.

-- Scott

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