Weird IdP Hanging Issue

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Thu Mar 21 14:11:44 EDT 2013

Thanks for the help!  I'll turn up our LDAP logging and watch check the LDAP logs as well, and turn configuration reloading.  We have a pool of IdPs and like to reboot them one at a time anyways to bring the one with changes back down if there is an issue to make sure the service stays up as a safety precaution.  If this is our change policy, I don't think configuration reloading with gain us anything the way we are currently doing things.


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> I haven't had to mess with this before, but reading about it on the wiki, I'm
> assuming you're referring to the configurationResourcePollingFrequency
> attribute added to one of the four reloadable services in service.xml?


> If so, it does look like this was setup to reload all four every 1 minute?


>  I don't want this turned on so I'm going to remove the
> configurationResourcePollingFrequency attribute from all four of these.

You may well want the filer policy reloading, but probably not every minute.

> Hopefully this will resolve this issue.  The weird thing is that none of these
> configs have been changes in a couple of weeks and this just started over the
> past couple of days.

Agreed, I didn't necessarily think it was the cause, but there's an explicit bug in relying-party reloading, though I think that actually hangs hard.

I would have to think your data connectors are the underlying cause here. If it's LDAP, I'd probably suggest logging more there.

-- Scott

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