No attributes are getting passed to SP from my IdP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Mar 18 03:34:03 EDT 2013

* lalithj <j_lalith at> [2013-03-18 08:20]:
> Instead of modifying the attribute-filter.xml of IdP, I was under the
> impression if below two entries do exist in SP metadata (kept in IdP), that
> will pass the attributes to SP, but unfortunately it does not pass
> those,

Nowhere in the documentation or example configuration is there any
mention of this, so no, that does not exist out of the box as of
v2.3.8. (it will be part of 2.4, though).

To achieve that today you'd either have to add a jar file plus
configuration to your IdP, as described here:

Or configure your attribute filters as described in the documentation.

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