PeopleSoft/WebLogic proxy with Shibboleth Native SP and Apache

Schwoerer, Bradley J schwoerb at
Wed Jan 23 14:02:57 EST 2013

The University of Wisconsin System implemented the PeopleSoft HCM
components almost two years ago with the apache + shib sp + weblogic

-Bradley Schwoerer

On 1/22/13 11:31 PM, "Caskey, Paul" <pcaskey at> wrote:

>> Thanks. It is helpful to know a large campus like OSU takes that
>> I would still be interested to hear from campuses that have not taken
>> approach and do not proxy the entire PeopleSoft/WebLogic application, if
>> indeed that is a viable approach.
>Sorry, no different here, same approach as OSU - large multi-institution
>PeopleSoft rollout happening in the fall that will be using proxied
>everything (apache + shibb + weblogic connector).
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