multiple shibd instances under FCGI

Roger Jagoda rberryj3 at
Thu Feb 28 13:00:08 EST 2013


It is probably no surprise to anyone in this community that shibd has
service options:

Serv01 tmp # shibd -h
usage: shibd [-dcxtfFpwugvh]
  -d    installation prefix to use
  -c    config file to use
  -x    XML schema catalogs to use
  -t    test configuration file for problems
  -f    force removal of listener socket
  -F    stay in the foreground
  -p    pid file to use
  -w    seconds to wait for successful daemonization
  -u    user to run under
  -g    group to run under
  -v    print software version
  -h    print this help message
Serv01 tmp #

So, has anyone ever tried to use more than one shibd instance on the
same server?

We make heavy use of Apache's FCGI technology:

as we are heavy PHP programmers here.

We were wondering if multiple shibd instances on the same server,
using different config files ( -c option, perhaps -d option as well)
could also be done.
That way, you could customize at almost any level using FCGI wrapper
files to tailor the Shibboleth service to any particular audience.

Background:  We are solely SP providers. However, we have two wildly
different clients coming on board; 1) uses customized Certificates for
authorization, 2) uses simple  eppn mapping to REMOTE_USER, very

Having a set of HTTPD workers tuned for one or the other environment
would really be a multiple-win situation for our service.

So, has anyone every tried something like this?



Roger Jagoda
rberryj3 at

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