Adding Shibboleth to CAS

Stein, Eric steine at
Tue Feb 26 15:59:40 EST 2013

  My organization is currently using CAS as our SSO application, based
off of authentication information in a database. We'd like to support a
client who has their own SSO solution and wants to connect to our
CAS-protected applications using SAML 2.0. We are not interested in
moving away from CAS or our database authentication store. Is this
something that Shibboleth can support? I know there's a plug-in for CAS.
I just want to make sure we can leverage Shibboleth without making us
migrate our user/password info from the database to Shibboleth.

  Is there a hello world walkthough I can play around with? I'll
confess, Shibboleth looks pretty complex for our requirement.

Eric Stein

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