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Curry, Warren whcurry at UFL.EDU
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At UF we created a local attribute for this use and treat it as an attribute and I think Penn St. has a similar Idea.  Likely others.  

You could call the institutional  auth level /method  ... 

Keith is correct here that the eduPersonAssurance with respect to InCommon levels of assusrance is in the Authentication Context not attribute handling.    

See the assurance wiki at InCommon for info.. 

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The recommended way to do this in SAML (Shib etc) is with Authentication Context, not as an attribute in the SAML attribute assertion.   --Keith
On Feb 26, 2013, at 09:13:40, Francis Swasey wrote:

> I am being asked to approve the usage of the eduPersonAssurance attribute to tell our webauth implementation how it should authenticate (which process - simple password, one-time password (SecurID, UbiKey, etc), Radius) the person to the various web applications webauth is protecting.
> Is this a valid use of the eduPersonAssurance attribute?  It is not how I was thinking that this attribute would be used. 
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