Logging in external authentication servlets: advice sought

Erdos, Marlena marlena_erdos at harvard.edu
Mon Feb 25 19:26:28 EST 2013

I'm using the IdP's external authentication functionality. I need advice
about logging within that code.

Until recently, my external authentication servlets were tiny and did
little.  The real work of interacting with the backend authentication
system was handled by an intermediary app I'd written.

That app used log4j.

Now, I need to bring the functionality that is in the intermediary app
into the external authentication servlets.  And now, I'm wondering what to
do about logging.  

I see that the IdP (version 2.3.8) has log4j-over-slf4j-1.6.4.jar in its
lib directory and that the classes in this jar overlap with the classes in
log4j-1.2.17.jar. That worries me :-).   (Therefore I haven't added the
log4j*17.jar to the lib directory.)

What's the right thing to do?

My strong inclination is to keep my logs separate from the IdP's.

BTW,  I also have been using  apache-log4j-extras-1.0.jar  (for rolling
log functionality).

BTW #2:  I'm using tomcat 6.

Thank you!
Marlena (who is relatively new to  java but not new to programming -- and
who much appreciates the great advice from this community!)

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Innovation & Architecture
Senior Technologist
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