Single Logout with Shibboleth SP 2.5.1

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Feb 21 12:18:20 EST 2013

> The session ID (_6fd65f6741a779ce70fc0ea95fd00d08) seems to be added
> correctly but it doesn't find it when it searches for it at logout?

No, it doesn't find that the session from the client matches the characteristics in the logout request from the IdP.

> Is there any reason this might behave differently between Windows and
> Linux?

No, which makes me doubt a bug as a possibility here, more likely a configuration difference somewhere. NameID matching is extremely strict. If there's no SessionIndex in the logout request, that shouldn't affect the matching process, so the NameID not matching is the more likely possibility. Possibly some kind of issue with the NameQualifiers.

-- Scott

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