SP timing out after 60 minutes.

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Thu Feb 21 12:15:56 EST 2013

> Hi Scott, many thanks. That seems to be precisely it; it's set to 1 hour
> after the issuing of the assertion. I assume the next step is to request
> that the IdP extend this attribute. In our talks they stated they weren't
> limiting the session duration on their end, but (as I understand it) by
> setting SessionNotOnOrAfter they're doing just that.

Yes. This happens enough that I've considered adding an option to ignore it.

> (Incidentally, I had some trouble exporting the assertions, until I realised
> the StorageService/SessionCache tags above were preventing assertions
> being exported - possibly because cacheAssertions was set to false? Might be a
> useful heads-up to anyone else having difficulty exporting assertions).

Well, you can just log them if you need to, but yes, that option doesn't allow for export.

-- Scott

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