Clustering the IDP using Terracotta?

Terence Schlacter tschlact at
Wed Feb 20 11:30:33 EST 2013

2013/1/23 Wessel, Keith William <kwessel at>

> I, for one, would love to know if folks have success with Express mode in
> Terracotta and a TIM-free route.

We wasn't. We tried with Java 7, Java 6, Tomcat 7 and Tomcat 6.
No success.

The best result we achieved was getting a running TC cluster, where clients
(tomcats) joined in - apparently successfully.
Users sessions showed up in the terracotta dev console. They looked very
nice and sexy. The problem is, they disappeared as soon as we stopped the
tomcat instance they were generated onto, thus making all this terracotta
stuff as useful as a battery powered fridge at the North Pole.
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