Scoped attribute not passing SP filter

Joep Driesen Joep.Driesen at
Wed Feb 20 07:28:46 EST 2013

> Btw, don't do that. WHatever you invent is not assigned in the urn:mace:dir:attribute-def namespace. You can't just make up values there.

That was a typo :). I'll fix it asap, but I'm guessing that had nothing to do with the problem

> That's already part of the default attribute-policy.xml, right?


> You did also map the attribute name used on the wire to "NewAttribute"
> in the attribute-map.xml, yes? (Otherwise you'd have an "unmapped"
> WARN in the SP's log.)

Well, I thought I did, but I couldn't find the mapping so I added it again. The weird thing is, I did not find any "unmapped" errors in the SP logs
from previous login attemps. It also did not seem to solve the problem. The filter still takes out the attribute... The lines I added to attribute-map.xml:

<Attribute name="" id="NewAttribute">
        <AttributeDecoder xsi:type="ScopedAttributeDecoder"/>


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