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Mon Feb 18 14:31:56 EST 2013

I do not think I have safeHeaderNames turned on as persistent-id passes as http_persistent-id like this:

Attributes displayName: Lynda Test persistent-id:!!1n43OwhUMrCrg0s8FNn/LAFm/uQ=
Is the issue then NameIDFromScoped ?

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On 2/18/13 12:52 PM, "Mike Flynn" <shibbolethlynda at> wrote:

>targeted-id: on my protected
>resource I then expect to see http_targeted-id in the request headers but
>it is not there.  I have asked them to switch to persistent-id for this
>but apparently they have some challenge with that...(stupid Ymail

Firstly, please review all of this:

You don't need to process the bogus syntax, you can uncomment the
NameIDFromScoped decoder so that it converts them to the proper form and
matches all the other IdPs you deal with.

Secondly, your problem is the safeHeaderNames option that collapses
punctuation. "targeted-id" would be HTTP_TARGETEDID.

-- Scott

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