Two factor authentication for shibboleth

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Fri Feb 15 15:37:22 EST 2013

I have successfully configured RSA SecurID on my Shibboleth idP.  It looks like this:

Apache HTTPD 2.x  (proxypass for /idp that goes to Tomcat)
RSA SecurID Web Agent for Apache HTTPD that is configured to protect /idp/Authn/RemoteUser
Apache Tomcat 6.x
Shibboleth idP configured to use REMOTE_USER as described @ 

The RSA SecurID Web Agent (which is free, of course you need the backend RSA SecurID infrastructure), sets the REMOTE_USER environment variable. 
Shibboleth idP still resolves the attributes from whatever data source you choose (LDAP, Active Directory, MYSQL, etc..) keying off the REMOTE_USER..

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Has anyone had any experience integrating Shibboleth with two factor
authentication? The two vendors we are looking at, which claim they
can work with shibboleth, are RSA and Safe-Net. If you have any
experience with these and shibboleth, please let me know if you have
been able to make it work.



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