Two factor authentication for shibboleth

Christopher Bongaarts cab at
Fri Feb 15 15:21:34 EST 2013

On 2/15/2013 2:04 PM, Jared Hoffman wrote:
> Has anyone had any experience integrating Shibboleth with two factor
> authentication? The two vendors we are looking at, which claim they
> can work with shibboleth, are RSA and Safe-Net. If you have any
> experience with these and shibboleth, please let me know if you have
> been able to make it work.

We are using Safeword Silver tokens with Safeword PremierAccess (now 
from Safenet, formerly from Secure Computing) to authenticate via 
Shiiboleth.  We use a custom login handler that performs the 
authentication via RADIUS, and implements a separate AuthnContext that 
applications can request if they want two-factor auth.

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