compiling shibsp 2.5.1 on solaris: breakdown at the last few steps

Uwe Reh reh at
Fri Feb 15 06:46:08 EST 2013


I have to build the SP 2.5.1 from the scratch on a opensolaris (~5.11)
On the way I was able to pass some examinations, like opensaml-2.5.2 
likes boost_1_52 but not boost_1_53. ;-)

Now I'm at the end of my ideas.

making of shibboleth-sp-2.5.1 fails with error from linker.
> Undefined symbol "bool xmltooling::AbstractPKIXTrustEngine::validate(x509_st*,stack_st*,const xmltooling::CredentialResolver&,xmltooling::CredentialCriteria*)const"
> first referenced in "../shibsp/.libs/"

comparing the symbols in and there is 
really no match. There is only a close similarity:
> __1cKxmltoolingXAbstractPKIXTrustEngineIvalidate6kMpnHx509_st_pnIstack_st_rkn0ASCredentialResolver_pn0ASCredentialCriteria__b_
> __1cKxmltoolingXAbstractPKIXTrustEngineIvalidate6kMpnHx509_st_pnNstack_st_X509_rkn0ASCredentialResolver_pn0ASCredentialCriteria__b_

The behavior is identical with xmltooling-1.5.2 and xmltooling-1.5.1
HW: X86, amd
OS: openindiana
cc: solaris studio 12

What's my fault?

Any hints are appreciated.


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