IdP load testing?

Michael R. Gettes gettes at
Thu Feb 14 14:39:12 EST 2013

Kind Shibbies…

As part of a project Nate Klingenstein and I working on, we figured we would inquire with this community to see if there may be some experience we could draw upon.

Has anyone performed any load testing of the Shib IdP "recently".  I know PSU did some work a rather long time ago but the time difference makes their work less interesting to us.

We are interested in the number of IdP authentications per second - preferably against an LDAP server - but will take any other mechanisms used along with any data collected on system performance and any issues identified.  It might be easiest if you would simply contact me if you think you have what I am looking for and I will want to have a short phone call with you to collect the info - this way it should minimize the amount of time you spend on answering my questions.

I recognize this is an imperfect request and it is intended as such so I really don't want to have a debate about how to perform such tests and the usability of such tests and so on.  I am interested in your experience and the work you did around load testing.

I'd be happy to report back to the list (summarize appropriately) and hopefully the info any of you provides would not be deemed private.  If it is private, let me know and I will keep it such.

THANK YOU so much in advance for your help!


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