Problem with shibboleth 2.5.1 and starting a NativeSPTCPListener on Solaris 10

Michael McManaman mgm7 at
Thu Feb 14 13:06:36 EST 2013


We have a number of shib 2.5.1 solaris 10 builds - which includes the 
stlport4 libraries and the needed boost headers  (as documented) - built 
with both gcc and the sun compiler, in both 32 & 64 bit, and are 
encountering an error when we try to start an SP TCP Listener.

The error, as seen in the logs is as follows:

INFO Shibboleth.Listener : listener service starting
ERROR Shibboleth.Listener : socket call (bind) resulted in error (22): 
Invalid argument
CRIT Shibboleth.Listener : failed to bind to socket.

Note, the unix domain socket version of the listener in all the 2.5.1 
compiled versions works fine, we have one special case where we need a 
TCP version of the SP listener that is giving us problems.  We do have a 
mix of Solaris and application environments that require 32bit, 64 bit 
and both Sun and gcc compiled SPs.

It appears there was a change in the source code for the tcp bind call 
from version 2.4 to 2.5?

For compiling, the same build environment and configure options, with 
the addition of the stlport4 and boost includes as needed (for 2.5) was 
used in the 2.4 and 2.5 versions of the SP, only the 2.5 TCPListener 
doesn't work.

Bumping up the debug options didn't give us any more info.

Anyone with any insight into what to do or how to fix?

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