Success Factors Shibboleth integration

Mark K. Miller max at
Wed Feb 13 10:37:08 EST 2013

On Tue, 12 Feb 2013, Bryan E. Wooten wrote:

> Hi all,

Hi Bryan (and other interested Federation participants,)

> Does anyone have any feedback on Success Factors an SAP company(™) with 
> Shibboleth. It seems I am getting bombarded with 3rd party cloud 
> solutions needing SSO and claim to support SAML. None of which are in 
> Incommon.

Well, of course, none of them are in InCommon!

Let's not forget about how our federation works.  A company with a good 
3rd party cloud solution can't just decide to go join InCommon.

It's up to _YOU_ to sponsor them, and tell them they either join the 
InCommon Federation or you'll take you business elsewhere (and follow 
through, when you need to.)

Once you get past that step, or as I like to refer to it - "the arm 
twisting," then you can begin to educate yet another vendor about how SSO 
and federating aren't the same thing.

> Thanks for all the feedback on my previous request for experiences with 
> Servicenow. Everyone has been a great help.
> Cheers,
> Bryan

Hope this helps,


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