Service Provider test with local install

sumanth jagga sjagga at
Tue Feb 12 11:28:24 EST 2013


     I have a local test application and I am trying to test IDP and SP on Fedora 15. I have used the SRPMS located at and installed the following RPM.


I am seeing these errors in the SP logs. 

2013-02-12 11:20:52 ERROR XMLTooling.libcurl.InputStream : error while fetching (59) Unknown cipher in list: ALL:!aNULL:!LOW:!EXPORT:!SSLv2
2013-02-12 11:20:52 ERROR XMLTooling.ParserPool : fatal error on line 0, column 0, message: internal error in NetAccessor
2013-02-12 11:20:52 ERROR OpenSAML.MetadataProvider.XML : error while loading resource ( XML error(s) during parsing, check log for specifics

I was under the impression that the 2.3+ version of SP uses its own libcurl. I do see /opt/shibboleth has some library installation for curl and I tried to test it I see a problem. Can somebody please guide me?

[root at localhost bin]# ./curl
curl: (2) Failed initialization
[root at localhost bin]# pwd
[root at localhost bin]# 


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