Section sign in password nog working

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Feb 11 10:29:41 EST 2013

* Jan Keirse <jan.keirse at> [2013-02-11 15:58]:
> Thanks for the quick replies.
> Looking for the list of supported characters in passwords refered to
> by Peter I found this page:
> I didn't do that, I'll try it first and see if it helps. Is there a
> reason why UTF-8 isn't configured in the default installation? If I
> enable it, could I break something else?
> > We have long published a list of permitted characters in passwords since there
> > always was the odd system that couldn't handle a specific character.
> I'm afraid my search efforts don't turn up such list. Could you point
> me to it's location?

I was unclear, sorry. "We have published" means the University of
Vienna, Austria. I can't and don't speak for the Shibboleth project
(the "we" you seem to have assumed above),

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