Shibboleth/Dataverse Network integration

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Feb 7 18:04:26 EST 2013

> I plan to use to learn about
> Shibboleth. I was thinking I'd follow the Service Provider
> instructions at and see if I can get a basic setup
> with Apache. No Glassfish, no Java EE... just try to protect
> with a Shibboleth login per the tutorial.

Ok, I don't know what your code is intending to do, exactly, but any code you would write involving use of a Shibboleth SP is meant to confine itself to pulling CGI information or using redirects to request certain things to happen. It's not an API you code to in Java or a library.
> Ok. I'm obviously heavily influenced by my frequent use of OAuth and
> OpenID.

Well, strictly speaking there's no such thing as an OAuth account either. You have accounts from systems that happen to support particular protocols, but the account is just an account and it's given not by a protocol but an organization.

>I wonder if OpenAM would help me add SAML support to my Glassfish app:
> ...

I suspect it might.

> I hope it's clear enough what I'm trying to do, which is to let
> institutions that are running Shibboleth use it to authenticate to our
> Glassfish app rather than using local logins.

Yes, it's more or less clear.

-- Scott

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