IdP initiated SSO

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Feb 7 14:07:10 EST 2013

> Are you saying that there is something in IIS that I can adjust to get
> something to show in the event logs for this error?  I checked all the event
> logs as well as all of the shib logs and I got nothin'

I don't know if you're the one feeding the response into the browser to test it, but whoever is should either get some kind of technical error from the SP (using the sessionError template) or IIS is masking that and returning a vanilla 500. That's usual by default, it has a setting to hide detailed error information. I believe I found the name of the setting and put it in the IIS 7 install page in the wiki.

So yes, possibly it's hiding something useful.

-- Scott

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