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Tue Feb 5 15:53:24 EST 2013

Hi All  --

My application occupies a browser window with multiple frames.  I submit a form from one of the frames and expect the returned output to occupy the same frame.  My session has timed out, and the re-authentication login page occupies the entire browser window.  Following successful re-authentication, my expected output is then rendered in the entire window.  The frames have been destroyed.
Using Apache 2.2.3 web server, Shibboleth SP 2.5.0.

(1) Is there a mechanism (option) to retain the original frames and content following re-authentication?
(2) Where might one expect the authentication login page to open?  in a window/frame indicated by the last/current application request, in a window indicated by some shibboleth configuration file, or some other determinant?
(3) Can the re-authentication login page be directed to open in a new browser window, thus preserving the frames in the original window?
(4) Is the original HTML attribute "target" passed (retained) through the entire re-authentication process?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

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