Configuring <md:EntityDescriptor> ID attribute

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Feb 4 06:02:56 EST 2013

* Ian Young <ian at> [2013-02-04 11:47]:
> Usually true, but the ID attributes on EntityDescriptor and
> EntitiesDescriptor are both "ID" type in the schema, which means
> that they have to be unique values across *all items of ID type* in
> the document.  Duplication in any context would mean the document
> would fail schema validation.

Never had any tool fail validation for that, though, at least not
xmlsectool, xmllint, Oxygen.

> The main reason the auto-generated metadata has an ID at all is to
> hang a signature on.

Maybe it should just be generated then if signing="true"?

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