Configuring <md:EntityDescriptor> ID attribute

Ian Young ian at
Mon Feb 4 05:18:57 EST 2013

On 4 Feb 2013, at 10:15, Daniel Parry <daniel at> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me please whether it is possible and, if so, how to configure
> the ID attribute that is used in the md:EntityDescriptor tag? This is to avoid
> submitting duplicate ID's when registering sites at a federation.

XML IDs are only supposed to be unique within a given document.  As a result, a federation should be stripping or ignoring your ID attribute as part of registration, and it should not cause an issue.

> It's possible I
> should be using <md:EntitiesDescriptor> instead of trying to strip the ID
> attribute or ensure it is unique so, if that's the case, any pointers on that
> would also be much appreciated!

That will depend on the particular federation you're registering with, but I doubt any of them would require use of an EntitiesDescriptor for an individual entity.

	-- Ian

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