intermittent IDP failure

Steven Carmody steven_carmody at
Fri Feb 1 13:24:26 EST 2013

On 2/1/13 1:09 PM, Cantor, Scott wrote:
> What the SP does is really not involved here unless it's explicitly
> broken. Since something changed the behavior without changing the SP, that
> doen't seem to be the case.
>> every few minutes, he would tap the enter key
> Into what?

with the browser screen for the second app in the front, we would 
basically refresh the screen

>> about the 6th or 7th tap on the 2nd app, an IDP error page was
>> displayed.... the error in the logs said (we think) that  the request
>> didn't contain any QUERY parameters. He was definitely not presented with
>> another login page. And didn't use the BACK button.
> Are you still seeing that error in the logs now? I certainly do, thousands
> a day.

yes. we have lots of them, too. Still do.

But users are no longer having the IDP present them with an ERROR page 
during the scenario I've described (login to an app, refresh the browser 
screen every few minutes, BANG)

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