Customizing IDP's auto submit HTML form

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Feb 1 07:49:49 EST 2013

* Amitp <amit.p at> [2013-02-01 13:15]:
> I've have a requirement to modify the auto submit HTML form of IDP that
> sends SAML assertion to SP. Because our of some weird requirement from
> client we had to run the flow in a html IFRAME. But after successful login
> we have to break out of iframe. If I can modify the HTML of IDP's auto
> submit form I can achieve this using Javascript.
> But I spent some time looking into the code of IDP to find out where IDP is
> creating this HTML. But no luck so far. 
> Can plz anyone help me with any pointer where the HTML is created in the
> code.

It's in the opensaml jar (in the "templates" directory) provided with
the IdP distribution.

> IDP version:  2.1.5

Very bad idea.

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