Shibboleth logo in Red Hat RPM

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Nov 28 15:22:42 EST 2012

> Do I take it then that you would like us NOT to use the Griffin JPEG?
> It is wildly popular with our clientele (mostly College students).
> Certainly we do not want to violate Copyright, Trademark, or any other
> proprietary restrictions.
> However, it certainly does the job. People know that logo mean Shibboleth.

What Ian said.

It's not a trademark question exactly, although technically, Internet2 still owns the US trademark on the name and logo, and I suppose it probably is a violation to use it in an unauthorized way.

But that wasn't why I removed it. People constantly contact the project for help wth their own university's systems, and people online have some notion that somehow their IdP breaking at their site means something is unreliable about the software. Call it vanity, but I don't care for that misperception, and this was a small step toward addressing that.

But speaking in technical terms, you shouldn't have content pulled into the error templates you use that is subject to package control. Those are just examples, and if you did want to use them, you should point them at content you control so that they aren't modified by any upgrades.

-- Scott

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