additional info in the rp rqst & reauth by idp

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Mon Nov 26 13:58:06 EST 2012

Appreciate if the following are answered

Have the following requirements that go as follows

1. RP/SP need to send some changing (dynamic) text (info) to the idp while requesting auth
2. idp needs to reauthenticate if a specific request from RP is indicating for rechallenge,  otherwise normal SSO

In the first case, what is the best way to send the info (for now, its just a string/text)? The
text needs to be a session variable (servlet) once it hits the idp, so it can be accessed by other modules.
Before we hack the code, wanted to check if such thing is possible with current shib packages?

What are my options for the second case? Any such configs/templates exist? if so appreciate the pointers to them.

Many thanks in advance!
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