Problem with client ip address changing

Viitanen Viljo viljo.v.viitanen at
Thu Nov 22 07:11:06 EST 2012

Rod Widdowson on 14th November:

>I'm also slightly worried by this comment:
>> I can't get the error show in the log
>> when change my ip address manually.
>If you can reproduce this I'd love to see a JIRA case entered.

Sorry for the late follow-up.

When I just change the ip after login, I get the error, and both sp and idp (correctly) reject the cookie, like this:
- login to sp normally
- change ip
- sp invalidates login, redirects to idp 
- idp invalidates session, shows the cookie error in log

Previously I tried to change the ip during the login (which I thought the problem was with my users was). The flow was like this:
- try to access sp without session
- idp displays login page
- change ip
- username+password to idp (we're using idp internal auth)
- redirect to sp

But to get the problem to show up, you need to change the ip in some other way - with a proxy that changes outgoing address on each http request or something. And I'm not sure if it's reliable even then, maybe there's a race condition that happens only by chance.

So I can't reproduce at all the problem I was worried about: the situation where the user was sent to the sp with no attributes.

That only shows in our production logs - and I've so far only confirmed one case where the user reported problem with login to a certain sp (google), and when we requested her to test a login to an sp of ours, the application reported a problem with receiving a "null username" with timestamp, and I can see that there had been a login at the idp and a login at the sp at the same time, and some cookie-ip errors few seconds before that in the idp server log, and the errors match the ip addresses the login was made with. The sp log shows that there was " NameIdentifier: none" and no eppn sent when normally nameidentifier is as it should be, _<long hex digit string>, and the eppn is there.

I've also deciced it's not worth making this into a jira issue - it's rare enough, and I was mistaken to think that any ip address change during the login results with this "login without attributes" behavior.

Viljo Viitanen
University of Jyväskylä

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