TestShib Update

Nate Klingenstein ndk at internet2.edu
Tue Nov 20 18:25:23 EST 2012

Users of TestShib(and, typically, Shibboleth too),

In roughly the last 3 months, we've had 576 people test their providers with TestShib.  The stability of the service, although not perfect, has greatly improved.

Some future work will be done by Kevin Foote of IUP, who will become the primary maintainer of TestShib in any time he has spare between answering questions on this list.  I'll continue to be on hand and assist as I'm able.

As a first change, to further improve the stability of TestShib, we will begin archiving metadata that has not been updated in more than one month.  Use or disuse of the TestShib SP or IdP will not persist a metadata entry.  If you need to continue testing with TestShib beyond one month, we simply ask you to re-upload your metadata.

Thanks for all your use of TestShib and support of the software project,

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