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C G ci_98yr at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 19 07:08:33 EST 2012


I have a funny situation ( a sort of). Before 'go further,
let me mention, ' _do not (or prefer)_ have control on setting the clock 
on shib idp server, nor 'control the sp's time zone which are in a different timezone.

I get this error

WARN [org.opensaml.common.binding.security.IssueInstantRule:102] - Message was not yet valid: message time was _message timestamp_, latest valid is: _idp server timestamp_   (message time stamp <  idp server timestamp)

 WARN[edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.idp.profile.saml2.SSOProfileHandler:393] - Message did not meet security requirements

Is there a way that 'can tweak the idp config? Any security issues? Is there some valve that 'can turn on to get the message timestamp
translated into (mapped) to idp server timestamp so it maps and gets correctly interpreted?

Any pointers to solving this is greatly appreciated.

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