Help with LDAP authentication

Wynne, David D.Wynne at
Fri Nov 16 11:19:00 EST 2012

Thanks Sean.

Ok I've attaché my config as a .7z archive, with my password as XXXXXXXX for security.

Not sure what:


actually means. Is the ={0}   expanded into something if so what ? The username field in the login.jsp ?

In the attribute resolver.xml I also have:


Don't know what that means either.

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On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 10:23 AM, Wynne, David <D.Wynne at<mailto:D.Wynne at>> wrote:

I'm trying to authenticate with our Microsoft Active Directory service, so the following configs are relevant:


edu.vt.middleware.ldap.jaas.LdapLoginModule required
        baseDn="ou=people, dc=jmu, dc=ac, dc=uk"
// 16/11/2012 D.Wynne Have to BIND with correct user credentials
        bindDn`"cn=XXXXXXXX at<mailto:cn=XXXXXXXX at>"

How about your useFilter ?  Would be best if you posted the entire config

Typically for AD installations, you may be using :   sAMAccountname={0}  or mail={0} or userprincipalname={0}

read more here:

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