custom attribute question

Daksh Chauhan um.daksh at
Thu Nov 15 17:42:24 EST 2012

I am sorry, still new to Shibboleth, and I do not know where to
verify/define that? 
With "ldapsearch" command I see the custom attribute, but I do not know
where to check for shibboleth?

Only two files I have modified are: attribute-resolver.xml and


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Scott was asking you to verify that in your LDAP connector, the value
returned is named "emailalias" in a case sensitive manner.

You are telling Shib to ask the myLDAP data source for something called
exactly "emailalias". Is it there?


On 11/15/12 4:59 PM, "Daksh Chauhan" <um.daksh at> wrote:

>This is what we have in LDAP: oleMissEduPersonBoxEligible
>From: "attribute-resolver.xml"
>    <!-- Custom LDAP Attributes Defined here -->
>    <resolver:AttributeDefinition xsi:type="ad:Simple"
>               id="oleMissEduPersonBoxEligible"
>        <resolver:Dependency ref="myLDAP" />
>    </resolver:AttributeDefinition>
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>On 11/15/12 4:39 PM, "Daksh Chauhan" <um.daksh at> wrote:
>>We have a custom attribute defined in LDAP to store Email-aliases and 
>>need help to configure this in Shibboleth.
>What is the case-sensitive name of the LDAP attribute?
>>I know this attribute is released by LDAP for the user shibboleth is 
>>using for bind, but when I run I do not see this attribute in 
>>the result.
>It probably isn't called emailalias in LDAP.
>-- Scott
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