Do you have SPs hosted at your University? (Try #3 :-))

Erdos, Marlena marlena_erdos at
Thu Nov 15 14:15:33 EST 2012

[First off, apologies for those who already saw this as an individual
message.  It did not show up properly in the digest yesterday so I'm

Scott Cantor said we need to be more specific when we are asking about SPs
hosted by Universities.  We can do that! :-)

He also said we ought to summarize results.  We can do that too.


Here is the info we'd like to get.  ( BTW, we'd be very happy to talk to
you rather than have you answer in email. (And we'd be the scribes.))

A brief description of the application fronted by an SP: What's its
purpose and who uses it?

The attributes used in making the authorization decision at the

How the attributes are obtained (e.g. in a separate attribute request or
through the authN assertion or otherwise).

What issues you faced in using the attributes for authorization? (E.g.
code changes to the application)

What administrative actions had to be taken to enable users to use  the
application prior to shibbolizing it?

What administrative actions had to be taken to enable access after
shibbolizing it?

Thank you,
Marlena Erdos & Scott Bradner

marlena_erdos at  sob at

University-wide Identity & Access Management Project
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

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