multiple vhost , single SP question

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On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 4:21 AM, Peter Schober
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> SNI is the obvious answer here but depends on what clients you need to
> support.
yes, i've considered this ... client requirements are flexible, but i've
been a bit trepidatious about moving to Apache 2.4 with Shib SP ... i've
seen some bugs on the wiki that I'll need to find out impact to our

> Then the IdP would have failed with "No return endpoint available for
> relying party" or something like that. So probably we're not talking
> about the same thing.

it did

> But I'm not sure this would work the way I suggested anyway (i.e.,
> sharing cookies via a shared DNS domain and only establishing new
> sessions via 1 SSL-enabled vhost). It could be made to work with
> custom sessions not involving the SP, certainly.

i guess this is more of my own ignorance and misunderstanding ... can i
force the ACS value in the AuthNRequest to be
https://defaultSSLvhost  when the client has initially visited
http://nonSSLvhost  ?

> -peter
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