rqst: Google apps config/template files

C G ci_98yr at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 10:11:37 EST 2012


Appreciate if any one can share generously their current google app
integration files (ofcourse minus the private data specific to your org)

I have been following this but seems a bit dated (or 'may be rusty in interpreting)

Getting the following in the logs after the user authenticates and being redirect back to acs of google:

 ERROR [edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.idp.profile.saml2.AbstractSAML2ProfileHandler:923] - Could not resolve a key encryption credential for peer entity: google.com
 ERROR [edu.internet2.middleware.shibboleth.idp.profile.saml2.AbstractSAML2ProfileHandler:289] - Unable to construct encrypter
org.opensaml.xml.security.SecurityException: Could not resolve key encryption credential

And ofcourse when session is redirected back to google apps, error message
"This account cannot be accessed because the login credentials could not be verified" 

What am 'missing...

Many thanks in advance; Good day.
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