Do you have SPs hosted at your University? (Try #2 :-))

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Wed Nov 14 17:13:22 EST 2012

On 11/14/12 1:54 PM, Erdos, Marlena wrote:
> Hi All,
> A brief description of the application fronted by an SP: What's its
> purpose and who uses it?

you'd like this set of questions answered for *every* SP we have in the 
campus metadata ? Some sites have a hundred or more ....

are you interested only in SPs which are literally on our campus ? Or 
every SP that we have listed in our "campus federation" ? (which 
includes a number of cloud-based sites) ?

> The attributes used in making the authorization decision at the application.
> How the attributes are obtained (e.g. in a separate attribute request or
> through the authN assertion or otherwise).
> What issues you faced in using the attributes for authorization? (E.g.
> code changes to the application)
> What administrative actions had to be taken to enable users to use  the
> application prior to shibbolizing it?
> What administrative actions had to be taken to enable access after
> shibbolizing it?
> Thank you,
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