Release different value for affiliation based on service provider

john spence polymorp at
Wed Nov 14 16:33:51 EST 2012

The above suggestions should help me greatly.

We current release "member" as the affiliation to all service providers for
our staff and student users that have a suitable status in our back-end db
table which is an allowed configuration within the UKFederation we belong
Some service providers would like us to release a more specific value but
we don't want to break our working configuration for existing service
provider mid academic year by suddenly releasing difference affiliations to
them even if it should just work.

Its interesting to see how people are manipulating attribute data to meet
the weird and wonderful situations we ourselves in sometimes.

On 14 November 2012 20:28, Peter Schober <peter.schober at> wrote:

> * Ortner Nikolaus <N.Ortner at> [2012-11-14 21:20]:
> > > Yes, that's probably a better solution for what the original poster
> wanted.
> > > In our specific case, we're mapping the (student, faculty, staff)
> values to an
> > > attribute value "member". Sometimes we might want student mapped to
> > > member, and sometimes not. Is there a way we could do that in the
> filter
> > > alone?
> >
> > Do I read this correctly? - a "student" is not always also a "member" in
> your setup?
> > [a person in good standing with the institution?]
> Indeed that's a requirement of the eduPerson specification. There
> might still be reasons for an IdP to not release all applicable values
> to a given SP.
> -peter
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